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We look forward to your questions or discussions about the new “Google Places” in Wilmington.

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Attention: Hotel and Retirement Community Managers

We are actively looking for an experience manager from the Hotel Industry or from the Retirement Communities sector to open and operate our NEW luxury Independent Retirement Community in Wilmington, NC.


Opening in the fall of 2014, Cambridge Village will offer outstanding amenities for Seniors that desire an upscale community located approximately one mile from beautiful Wrightsville Beach.

If you have the experience along with a passion to deliver exceptional customer service to our residents, then please email me with your credentials.

Jim Strickland





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Retirement Communities in Wilmington NC

Retirement Communities in Wilmington NC

Download our Free Report on “What You Should Know Before You Choose a Senior Living Facility”. Below is  the full table of contents for the report. And the link to the video and report at the bottom of the page.

Table of Contents

Introduction……………….Page 4
Signs its Time to Begin Your Search ……………….. Page 5
Types of Senior Living Facilities ……………………. Page 6
Senior Care Staff Members ……………………………Page 7
What to Look For in a Senior Living Facility ………. Page 9
Special Consideration of Senior Care ……………… Page 10
Senior Living Facility Caution …………………………Page 11
Conclusion…………………………­…………………… Page 12
About The Author…………………………….­……….. Page 13

Retirement Communities in Wilmington NC


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Online Scratch Cards for your Business video

We can add “Scratch Cards” to your Facebook business page or web site. Engage your customers and reward them with whatever discount you want to give them.

Everyone loves Scratch Cards. Inexpensive and easy to create.
Call me or email me for more details.


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Financial Advisors Wilmington NC

Do you need a list of Financial Advisors in Wilmington NC?

Whether you need financial planning or just have financial questions, see our list of Financial Advisors below from Google:

Anylan & Hively

Haines Financial

Taylor Financial

Starr Financial Resources

Allison Investment Management

Raymond James Financial Services

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Need a You Tube Video for your Wilmington Business?

Videos are fun to make and add a lot of marketing value to your Wilmington business. Call us and we can help.
Click below and view one we just did for a local Wilmington Pressure Washing Business. Very inexpensive!


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Google: Site Not Mobile Friendly affects Ranking

  Important update from Google!


Google Takes Stance On Mobile SEO: Site Not Mobile Friendly, You Won’t Rank Well. by

Google has taken a strong stance on mobile SEO, announcing there will be demotions if your site is not mobile friendly or is misconfigured when it comes to being mobile friendly.

Google said the demotion will only impact mobile, smartphone friendly, search results and only impact web pages that are not smartphone friendly or misconfigured when it comes to being smartphone friendly.

Google then documents two of many common smartphone mistakes that webmasters make. The two include:

(1) Faulty redirects such as pointing individual pages on your site to your mobile friendly home page, as opposed to a mobile friendly version of that specific page. When possible, Google may even try to fix that for you.

(2) Serving Smartphone-only errors such as 404ing mobile users, other error pages, incorrectly handling Googlebot-Mobile, and unplayable videos on smartphone devices.

Again, Google is getting serious about mobile SEO. If your site is not built right, it won’t rank well in the smartphone search results in Google.

Even more so, Google announced last night at SMX that site speed ranking factors will be coming to mobile pages and from my understanding, it will have it’s own speed factor.

So what this all means is that if you have a web site that is not mobile friendly, your ranking in the mobile search results will be penalized.

Want more information on how to analyze your web site, give me a call at 910-777-7447 or email me at



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Take a moment to preview what your Wilmington business could look like to your customers or view our mobile web site from your phone

Wilmington Local Mobile


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Craigs list

Do you like “Scratch Off” Cards?  I bet Your customers do!

Check out our NEW ONLINE Scratch Off Card that will be available soon for your Wilmington business!

Can be scratched off  from a desktop or a smartphone. Try it Now by clicking here..


  We are limiting these cards by business category( restaurants, salons, golf courses, etc.) so we do not saturate the local Wilmington Market and keep this unique!

You can use this to replace printed coupons or add it to your current marketing strategy.

Call 910-777-7447 or reply to this ad for more details and/or to be added to our list.


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Scratch Off Moble Web Site Discount

Move Mouse Over Entire Image While Holding Down The Left Mouse Button To Reveal Your Discount!

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